Monday, November 5, 2007

Powered up

What a treat to walk into the house this afternoon and find every light ablaze. The power has been restored and the temperature of the house has risen from 55 F to 65 F, warm and toasty. :-)

I will be busy catching up for a while, but it is nice to be back.


Hungry Hippo said...

I haven't composed for the tuba yet. It's hell on the neighbours. As much as I love the sound I appreciate not everyone will be a tuba fan!

Maricello said...

Tuba players have to practice somewhere, don't they? My son used to play the tuba (his main instrument was alto sax), but I never got to hear it close up because it was a school instrument and he never brought it home to practice it. :-)

Guanaco said...

Welcome back to the wired world. We sometimes have a blackouts after a heavy snow triggers avalanches in the mountains and knock out the high voltage lines from Anchorage.

Lanterns and candles sure get old pretty quickly.

CelloGeek said...

glad to hear that your power and heat are back. We had a week without power and heat last winter after a very bad windstorm - makes one really appreciate hot showers!

Maricello said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Guanaco and CelloGeek. Seems like it is always something, no matter where you live. But I'm glad I am not near any avalanches. And, yes, that first shower felt good!

We haven't lost power for an extended period since 1985 (Hurricane Gloria) when power was out for a week. After that the local utilities really improved their response time.

I'm scared to light candles, as there is always at least one house that goes up in flames as a result.

Underground utilities are probably a good idea. And/or self-sufficiency: wood stoves, solar power, generators, and a trip to the coffee shop for wi-fi. I stopped in a coffee shop for coffee, and the place was abuzz with laptops, far more than usual.

melissa said...

Glad to see things are back to normal. :)


Maricello said...

Thanks, Melissa!