Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm a genius! You're a genius!

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As it turns out, it isn't really a good thing to have a "genius" level blog. It simply means your blog is hard to read because you use polysyllabic words and long sentences. The idea is to write so that people can understand you.

Here's a discussion on readability and another chance to test your readability and analyze the results: Juicy Studio: Readability Test.

Even more information on readability can be found at, where else?: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Readability Tests, but Were Afraid to Ask.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading my blog. At least now you know you're a genius for doing so.


Ujwala said...

congratulations! :D i see that you're participating in nanwrimo too. i've fallen off on the wayside for that one. unexpected invitation to participate in an exhibition was my undoing. all the best for both!

melissa said...

Congrats! If I can't write at that level, at least I can read yours!

Maricello said...

Hi Ujwala and Melissa, I tested the readability of my nanowrimo novel and found it had a readability of Elementary School. I'm so proud. It is bound to be a best seller. :-)