Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23 is Buy Nothing Day

Today, I just found out via NaBloPoMo, is Buy Nothing Day in North America (it's tomorrow in other parts of the world), a day to try to counteract rampant consumerism, especially in the U.S. See the Buy Nothing Day (U.S.) site or the New York Times article for more information. I'm all for it, and my husband and daughter, who are both working in retail today, would probably appreciate it too, if maybe a couple of people decided to stay home. I guess I am going to have to go see What Would Jesus Buy, too, although my guess is that the movie industry contributes quite a bit to consumerism.


CelloGeek said...

I'm all for the "Buy Nothing Day" too. I guess that means you weren't waiting outside the stores at 4am in the morning to rush in to get whatever was on sale.

Maricello said...

No, I was home asleep. I heard people were lined up since 4 PM Thursday or earlier. What a way to spend Thanksgiving!