Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Big 7/7/07 Concert

No, not Al Gore's concert. I'm talking about the local high school 2004 jazz band reunion concert. The kids in the jazz band in 2004 were outstanding, and the band won many awards. Several of the kids, including my son, formed their own jazz band, the Turner Ave Quintet (TAQ), which still plays together on New Year's Eve and in the summertime when the kids are home from far-flung college and jobs.

Tonight was the first time that most of the high school band has played together since most of them graduated three years ago, so it was special for all of us, kids and parents alike. The band did a great job, and the TAQ had a couple of featured numbers too. My son plays first alto sax and had his share of solos. I was so proud. :-)

My husband was the announcer, and he and I videotaped the concert for the local cable television station. The concert was outside, at the band shell near the harbor, at sunset. Perfect!

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