Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cellos are very, very expensive

I tried the online 20 Questions game the other day, which my daughter enjoys, and, of course, chose cello.

Based on my responses, the game first guessed ukulele and dulcimer. Odd choices, if you ask me. But maybe it assumes people try to pick unusual items.

Question number 20 was "Is it very, very expensive?" I said "no," thinking of my own cello, which was expensive, but not "very, very expensive."

The game finally guessed cello at question 23 or so, and told me that I was wrong about the cost of a cello:

You were thinking of a cello.

Is it very, very expensive? You said No, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is Yes.
Contradictions Detected
The opinions of the 20Q A.I. are its own, and are based on the input of players. 20Q's answers reflect common knowledge. If you feel that 20Q is in error, the only way to correct it is to play again!

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