Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Grey Fox performances

The oblong box in the middle of the above photo is the main stage at Grey Fox. It's located at the base of a hill, and people place their chairs in rows up the hillside, creating a natural amphitheater. This photo was taken from the top of the hill, where small tents for shelter from the sun or rain mingle with the chairs. Behind me are "real" tents, and another camping area. The large white tents house other performance areas, food vendors, and other vendors.

(vocals), Corey This was the stage from our chairs. That's Crooked Still (Rushad Eggleston, Aoife O'DonovanDiMario (bass), and Gregory Liszt (banjo)) with Casey Driessen (fiddle), performing on Friday. It is hard to see Rushad's elfin hat, but if you click on the photo, it is a little more visible.

I watched favorite performers like Crooked Still with binoculars, achieving a view somewhat better than this. This was their Saturday performance. Here, Rushad is wearing a coonskin hat and a Captain America shirt. He punctuated this performance by dancing and jumping off, then back onto, the stage.

The seating philosophy at Grey Fox is that people are free to sit in any unoccupied chair; should the chair owners arrive, they relinquish the chair. So, to catch the last few minutes of the Kruger Brothers' act, we grabbed a few chairs in the second or third row, and watched close up. The "VIP" area is in front of the fence.

This is the Kruger Brothers performance in the Masters (workshop) tent. This was a fabulous performance and great discussion, in which they talked about their musical influences and experiences (classical music, American folk and fiddle music, pop, rock, you name it). Jens (banjo) and Uwe (guitar and vocals) are brothers, originally from Switzerland. They moved to North Carolina recently. Joel Lansberg (bass guitar) is from New York. I love the intimate setting of the workshop tent. You get a glimpse into the personalities of the musicians, a better understanding of the music, and a kinder, more gentle amplification system.

This is Rushad Eggleston's performance in the workshop tent: "Low and Gorgeous," with two bass players, Missy Raines and Eric Frey. You can see that people fill the tent and completely surround it for popular performers. We got there late and couldn't stay because I wanted to see the Kruger Brothers on the main stage. That's Rushad's gaily decorated cello case. His girlfriend was wearing the coonskin hat (out of camera range).

There was also a workshop tent performance by Casey Driessen and Ben Sollee, but I was watching Uncle Earl and forgot to attend. Wish I had, though. I heard it was great.

Sunsets were glorious. Here, the sun is setting over the food and CD vendors. You could also buy jewelry, clothing, cowboy hats, blankets, instruments, artwork, and tuners. I bought two silver rings, a Sparrow Quartet CD, and a Grey Fox t-shirt, trying my best to be frugal.

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