Monday, July 16, 2007

Grey Fox:" New Generation" Bands

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival schedule has been posted. The first year, I looked at it and circled maybe three performances that I wanted to see. One of them was opposite my "instrument petting zoo." One of them was canceled. This year I have circled most of them, favorites from previous years, and groups new to Grey Fox that I have heard on the radio (, Boston folk radio) or checked out on YouTube after hearing about them.

I am distressed to see that the main stage performance of the Kruger Brothers is scheduled opposite Rushad Eggleston's masters tent performance, just around the time when I am doing my "instrument petting zoo," or, hopefully, shortly thereafter. Imagine me running from stage to stage in the hot sun (or rain) toting a collection of violins, violas, and cellos.

Fortunately, I should be able to make the two Crooked Still performances and the Kruger Brothers master's tent performance. And lots of others.

In general, I prefer the "new generation" bluegrass bands to the "authentic" bluegrass groups. Grey Fox is dominated by the younger groups this year, though there are still quite a few of the older groups, including the Dismembered Tennesseans, a group that got together when they were all in high school and has stayed together, played together, for 55 years. Quite an accomplishment!

"New generation" groups include Uncle Earl, Sparrow Quartet, the Dukhs, Crooked Still, Nickel Creek, the Green Cards, the Infamous Stringdusters, Bearfoot Band (from Alaska), the Biscuit Burners, others. They will be playing individually and in "jams" of two or more bands. I am not familiar with all the groups, but happy to pull up a chair and listen for three days straight. I think my daughter will enjoy these younger groups too.

I'm bringing a cello, of course, so hope to join a friendly group of jammers myself, when I have an unscheduled moment.


cellodonna said...

Have a fantastic time at the festival. Sounds like it will be a busy, but fun place. Sorry I can't make it this time, but I think we'll get a chance to meet in person one of these days soon.

Maricello said...

Thanks, Donna. I'm sorry I won't get to meet you this time, but I am sure we will find another time and place. Besides, this might not be the best year, weatherwise. See my next post.