Monday, July 23, 2007

Home Again!

We had a great time at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, but I am delighted to be home again and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed once again. The Kruger Brothers were outstanding, definitely my favorite group, even though none of them play cello. They have written a symphony for their trio and orchestra, which was performed recently in Maine. I would love to hear that.

The "newgrass" groups, including Crooked Still and the Sparrow Quartet (both with cellists) were also delightful. I was impressed with Ben Sollee, a very creative, innovative, and talented cellist. He helped give the Sparrow Quartet its distinctive sound.

I saw the workshop (small audience) performance by the Kruger Brothers and two main stage performances by Crooked Still, but missed all but a few minutes of Rushad Eggleston's workshop performance and the Kruger Brothers' main stage performance because they were both scheduled for 4 pm, during the same time period as my instrument petting zoo. The petting zoo is rewarding in its own way, of course, especially watching people fall in love with the cello's glorious sound.

The weather cooperated. It rained only at convenient times: after we had the tent completely set up the first night we arrived, and during the night. Otherwise it was mostly sunny and beautiful. And freezing cold at night. Next time, more blankets.

One interesting weather event: Crooked Still sang a tune with the chorus: "Oh the wind and rain" and "Oh the dreadful wind and rain" and asked the audience to sing along. As we did, dark clouds moved in and the wind picked up ominously, despite Rushad's caution that we sing "not the wind and rain," since the same thing happened last year. The wind subsided for the next song.

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