Saturday, July 7, 2007

Grey Fox: The Kruger Brothers

I saw the Kruger Brothers a couple of years ago at the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in Framingham, MA. This is a mid-winter festival, and the music is performed inside, in a long, low hotel conference room. A dreary environment for bluegrass, and I spent more time looking at exhibits and playing the fiddle with other entry-level fiddlers than in the concert hall.

But the Kruger Brothers really lit up the room and the entire festival for me. I remember them with a silver white aura emanating from them (could have been a spotlight) while they played music that sounded to me like a mix of classical, jazz, and folk, in addition to the more standard bluegrass and gospel genres. Simply breathtaking. And they also have a sense of humor.

Even though they do not play the cello, this is the group I am most looking forward to at Grey Fox this year.

It was hard to find a good video of the Kruger Brothers on YouTube, but I picked this one, crying baby and all, for the extended instrumental section. (Kruger Brothers Live @ Rudy's 1/5/2007) There are other YouTube videos showing their bluegrass and gospel styles.

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