Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I had a hard time tonight with celery. . . in art class. We had to draw a still life with vegetables, one of which was celery. From where I was sitting, it was foreshortened, and I had a really hard time making it look like anything. I must have drawn and erased the whole picture several times, and it still doesn't look like much. Besides the frustration of drawing it, the celery insisted on smelling like celery for the whole two-hour class. And I was hungry, so it smelled very good, though I know celery is not everyone's idea of a delicacy.

I bought some celery on the way home, mainly to photograph it from various angles so I can figure out how to draw it. After I finish my current work project, of course, which is almost at an end.

Meanwhile, in the band classroom next door to the art room at the junior high where I am taking the drawing course, there is a flute student who plays for the first half of our class every week. After the first tentative scales of the first week, she is progressing nicely and quite rapidly, playing Bach minuets this week. Would that one could make such quick progress on the cello!

I am making progress on the Corelli sonata we will be playing on October 28. My teacher gave me some excellent fingerings, and lots of encouragement, and soon I will have more time to practice.


cellodonna said...

Your first line cracked me up. (also still chuckling after just reading Yarnplayer's latest post). Who knew I could get such comic relief just from reading blogs?

BTW, I usually have a problem with celery too; it gets caught between my teeth.

On a more serious note ... I can understand how trying to actually draw celery would present a problem. I hope it at least had the leaves still attached.

Marisa said...

Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to stalk my fridge now. I think I remember some celery lurking in there.

Maricello said...

Always glad to amuse. I have not yet been successful with the celery, but I have done lots of celery research. See next post.