Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNo/Blo Fun

Love this notion--posting until the Internet explodes! I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) this November, only a day or so away. Why? It just sounds like fun. I enjoy writing and find the social pressures of group writing motivating. Doing this as part of a national and international effort makes writing a novel sound less unrealistic and persistently blogging every day, no matter what, less irrational.

There is already a mini-cellobloggers on NaBloPoMo, thanks to Gottagopractice.

I'm also considering my own add-ons: NaCePraMo (National Cello Practice Month) (practice every day); and NaExOcMo (National Exercise Occasionally Month), the latter because, until this morning, I hadn't been to the gym since July. I'm not saying every day for this one: two or three times a week would be a good start for me. Maybe this is really the most important one--I felt great after my session today, though I did tumble off into a nap shortly afterward.

If you are a more creative musician than I am, you can participate in NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month), in which you write and record an entire album in a month. Maybe next year, if my novel does not rocket to the top of the best seller list.

NaNoArtMo, (National Novelist Art Month, though you don' t have to be a novelist to participate) in January, sounds more doable. You only have to create 10 art projects in ten different media in a month and do an "artist date" every week (I don't know what that is). I could only find a link to NaNoArtMo 2007, so don't know if there is a 2008 effort.

If none of these appeal to you, you can always invent your own. Or not. :-)


cellodonna said...

Great photo. Love it! Posting certainly does get to be an addiction.

But yikes, where do you find the time for all these "NaMos"? I need at least 2 hours a day for practicing, an hour for walking, plus another hour or more to keep up with the current blogs. I'm afraid if added a NaMo I'd be at the computer all day. Tempting though.

Maricello said...

That's only a four-hour day so far, unless you want to add eating and sleeping, orchestra, and having face-to-face relationships with family and friends. You can do it, especially if it is tempting. :-)

Our little NaBloPoMo cello bloggers group (3 people at last count) needs you!

On the other hand, NaBloPoMo exposes you to many, many blogs, some of which are well worth reading, even if they are not about the cello, and that will take time too.

I clearly don't have time for this, but, at the moment, if all feels potentially creative.

cellodonna said...

So far I've spent most of my day here online. I've gotta-get-outta here!!! ... but not 'til I comment on that Keri Russell movie that you just posted about. :)