Monday, October 1, 2007

My cello sketch

For anyone who may have thought that I drew the Sketchfu drawing in yesterday's post, here is an example of my own work. As I wrote yesterday, yesterday's cello was better than I could do. This is a tough medium! I'd love to see what others can do.

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cellodonna said...

Awesome sketch! I need a pencil and an eraser when I draw.

Maricello said...

Thanks, Donna! It is very hard to draw with a mouse--takes a lot of patience. But there are some really great drawings on the Sketchfu site. Maybe they're using drawing tablets. Maybe they are more patient. :-)

CelloGirl said...

That's pretty good! I doodled around but that's about as far as I got. I've got no patience!!

Laura said...

OK I tried it, but I think my mouse and mouse pad must be defective. I can't possibly be that inept, lol!!! :) Plus, I tried to draw Fritz!!! I'll try again.

Maricello said...

Hi Laura, Try the other drawing site, It is a little easier to draw there because there are more tools, and you can save your drawings and go back to work on them before you publish them. I did a drawing of my son there that looks vaguely like him, if he were drawn by a tipsy centenarian. (And I have nothing against tipsy centenarians. I hope to be one someday.)

Meanwhile, I think you really need a graphics tablet to draw on these sites. Try a portrait of Fritz on paper. :-)