Saturday, October 20, 2007

Forty Cellists

Of the 42,000 writers who have thus far signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMO) and filled in a personal profile, 40 people list cello playing as one of their non-noveling interests. Some of them also blog, but I haven't gone through the list yet to see if any of them are bloggers who blog about the cello. Of the few profiles I have looked at, many are teenagers. Wish I had started my novel-writing and cello-playing when I was a teen!

There are only 13 people listing fiddle or fiddling as an interest. 98 people list flute, and there are 150 violinists. 721 people paint, and 1,920 people draw.

Last year there were 79,000 nano participants so I am guessing a lot of people will be signing up this week, including, probably, another 40 cellists. Cool.

Looking at my blog, you'd think all I did this week was celery-related, but it was in fact a very music-filled week: two cello lessons, an early music rehearsal, two church concert rehearsals, a fiddle session, and, tonight, a fiddle performance. Tomorrow is the first gathering of a new group of women fiddlers, so I am going to have to go to that too.

Meanwhile, I have yet another project to finish up, so will get back to work for now.


Guanaco said...

If you find any of these cellists who blog aren't on our list (in my sidebar and/or in Cellobloggers), let me know and I'll add them (regardless if they blog very much about their celloing.)

Thanks for the celery pics, by the way, it inspired me to pick up a bundle - I like my celery with a jalapeno-cheese filling.

cellodonna said...

Where do you find the time? I don't get around to half the stuff I want to do. Maybe I'm time-management challenged.

Sounds yummy; will try: celery with a jalapeno-cheese filling.

Maricello said...

Sure, Guanaco, I will collect a list of cello blogs for you. Glad to have inspired the celery feast. I don't think I will try jalapeno-cheese (fear of hot spicy foods), but I did try the creamy herb cheese, and it was great.

Cellodonna, I find time by neglecting housework, cooking, and gardening. I also don't watch tv very much, rarely go to movies or parties, except music-related ones. Tonight's fiddle performance was actually a 60th birthday party with lots of food, some of it very spicy. It was at a farm/organic foods store/restaurant just a half-mile down the street from my house, so it was an easy choice to go. (My new "fall" photo is from the farm. If you look closely, you can see the pumpkins, but the trees are still mostly green.)

cellodonna said...

My husband does the cooking and the gardening. Lucky me. And I do as little housework as I can.

I rarely watch TV or movies, but I think I spend way too much time reading blogs.

BTW, nice fall pic.

Maricello said...

My husband is cooking dinner now, even as we blog. :-)

Such good men!

cellodonna said...

My husband was cooking as I wrote the comment above. :)