Thursday, October 18, 2007

More Celery

For those of you who want to draw celery (and who wouldn't?), here are my celery photos. The first is the difficult-to-draw foreshortened view, the second is how our brain perceives, and wants to draw, this celery, and the third is what happens to celery after a grueling photo shoot.

I am sure there is an analogy that can be made to practicing the cello, but I will leave that to your fertile imaginations.


cellodonna said...

Who chopped off the leaves? I think leaves would make it more identifiable in a drawing.

BTW, celery is also good with cream cheese. Do try the peanut butter on apple slices too! :)

Maricello said...

Hi Donna, The bunch of celery from art class had more leaves. This is the one I bought for home celery study. The leaves are easier to draw. It is the short squat shape I am having trouble with.

I never would have chosen to draw celery on my own, but now, as you can see, I am committed to it. Sort of like some of those Suzuki pieces.

Perhaps it is time to try another apple.... Well, maybe I will wait until after tonight's fiddle session and church music rehearsal!

Gottagopractice said...

Yum. I like mine with soft, herbed cheese. Hmm. That might be contributing to my recent expansion.

Have you tried tricks like turning it upside down <g>? Well, OK, negative space might be more successful.

CelloGeek said...

I'm not a big fan of celery, negative calories or masked with peanut butter or other yummy spreads. How about a nice bunch of carrots?

Maricello said...

Love the idea of turning it upside down, GTGP!

I'm going to have to stop at the grocery store on the way home from rehearsal tonight and get some cheese of various kinds, carrots, and vegetables of various hues and shapes. Might as well go all out, artwise, and make a tasty vegetable platter or soup later on. I love art.

Laura said...

The analogy is that celery is "stringy." OK, I'm sorry.

Maricello said...

Excellent analogy! :-)