Friday, October 26, 2007

Seven Things

I was tagged by Paulette, so will entertain you with Seven Things about myself (that I have not already mentioned on this blog) in no particular order.

1. Most of my day is spent sitting in front of this computer, working, and finding ways to distract myself from working. Sometimes I play Sims 2. It tends to be addicting. I used to play it with my kids. My son would play so sincerely, directing his little character to clean up the house before racing off to work. I thought it was very sad. :-) Later, after he learned the money cheat, he just built huge well-designed and beautifully furnished houses, and his characters played the piano all day long, rather than go to work. My daughter, created little families. One day her family (Britney Spears and Sting, with their two children Dindle and Dorkle), were trapped in a house fire, set off when the two kids set off firecrackers in their bedroom. I stayed up until 4 am to save the family. My characters (named after various types of candy and flowers, e.g., Tulip Truffle) lived in awkwardly furnished hovels and had a constant stream of mostly clandestine affairs and too many children.

2. When I was young, I felt art and music were frivolous and dedicated myself to saving the world. I have degrees in international relations and urban planning, worked with on a reservation with VISTA, as an energy program manager, a community development planner, a neighborhood planner, and environmental planner. Somewhere along the way I changed my mind about music and art, of course.

3. I won the freshman term paper award in college. As I was standing on the stage, receiving my award, my honors English teacher walked up to me. He was not a fan of my writing, having given me a D- on my first paper. I expected a kind word, since here I was, being acknowledged as the best writer in the freshman class. He leaned over and said, "This is not for your writing ability." Some teachers do not seem to understand their mission.

4. When I was about 22, I went to England with the intention of moving there. I found this country very materialistic, and I had a friend from Scotland. I visited relatives in Ireland. I interviewed for a job or two, but did not hear back from anyone. I returned home in about six weeks. It seemed so much harder to live in England. Everything was more expensive, and salaries seemed lower than in the U.S. I felt a bit materialistic, returning home.

5. I used to be very active in my various professional associations. After a while I noticed that what I looked forward to most about the annual meetings was getting together with other amateur musicians, both singers and instrumentalists. That's when I decided to forgo the annual conventions and attend music camp in the summertime. (I bring work with me to music camp, so it seems an appropriate turnabout.)

6. For a period of two or two and a half years, when my kids were in 4th-8th grade, I produced a children's television show on cable access TV. My NaNoWriMo novel is based on this experience. It is called For the Children, in an ironic sense.

7. I would get more work done if I blogged less. :-)

You are supposed to tag seven people, but since Paulette only tagged four, I will do the same. You may tag as many or a few as you like!

CelloDonna, a cellist who started as an adult, and who loves to play in community orchestra.
Marisa, another late-starting cellist, who enjoys traveling and has returned to college.
CelloGeek, another cellist who travels a lot, but manages to find time to enjoy ensemble playing too.
Nicole, a fiddler, currently in graduate school and building a wooden sea kayak in her spare time.


cellodonna said...

Okey-dokey-shmokey (as I frequently say) ... "7 things" are posted and several folks have been tagged. Thanks for the tag; it was fun!

Enjoyed your list!

Paulette said...

Well done! It sounds like you have a full life.
I enjoyed checking out your tags as well.

nicnik said...

Yep, 7 things tomorrow, after my mid term.... but before my next mid term???! An interesting idea, voluntary writing assignments appearing in my inbox ;)

Very cool!

Maricello said...

Glad everyone mostly enjoyed the tag. It was fun, choosing those seven things and writing about them, and then reading others' seven things, and seeing the seven things move onward.

Paulette, it's funny--I took a writing class called "writing fiction from family memoir" this past August, and I couldn't think of anything I had done that was story-worthy. I think the Seven Things exercise would have helped!

Nicole, I just had to tag a non-cellist! :-) Good luck on those mid-terms!

CelloGeek said...

Thanks for tagging me, it was fun, now that I finally got around to posting my 7 things!