Monday, October 22, 2007

Eleven to Two

I haven't watched much of the Cleveland/Boston playoffs, but it was an exciting series, with all those lop-sided scores and the Red Sox's big come-from-behind win. (For those too busy practicing to watch the game, the Sox won the first one, and the Indians won the next 3 games. The final game was last night, and the Red Sox won 11-2.)

My daughter left about 7 pm last night to drive a friend back to UMass/Amherst. They stopped in Boston on the way to see another college friend. I called her about midnight to see if they had made it safely to western Mass.

"We're just leaving Boston," she said, and, as if to confirm their location, someone shouted something about Huntington Avenue.

Oh, no, I thought, they're right near Fenway Park and they will never get out of Boston, with all that traffic. They did, though, and she called me at 3:40 am to tell me they were safely on campus. "Luckily" I was up until 6 am myself, finishing up a project due a week and a half ago. I am running a little late....

When she got back home today, she gave me a few more details. They deliberately went to hang out around Fenway Park during the game; it wasn't just that they were lost finding their way out of Boston. They had a good time though, and even saw a homerun ball hit out of the park. (I felt a little guilty, not even bothering to flip on the tv.)

I worked in Boston for twelve years. It's a great city, but I just couldn't understand why anyone would subject themselves to all that traffic congestion! Oh, I guess for the fun of it. Maybe I will at least watch a little of the World Series.

Isn't it funny how, when "your team" wins, you feel good, even partly responsible, even if you didn't really watch the games?


cellodonna said...

"My team" is the Mets, so I don't get to feel good too often, and especially not after this year's last-minute rapid self destruction.

I think Maestro's girlfriend (BU senior) is a Red Sox fan. He drives up to Boston most weekends to see her. Hey ... if the Maestor is happy, the orchestra is happy, right?

Maricello said...

Maybe the Maestro joined the Fenway Park crowd too. I do hope the Red Sox win -- for the sake of your orchestral enjoyment!

Hope your Mets win again soon too.

Paulette said...

Hi Maricello,
You've been tagged. See my blog to see what it is about.
Are you gearing up to write your book?

Maricello said...

Hi Paulette, This fits right in with my "numbers" theme (which I have temporarily abandoned in today's post), but I will have to think about this for a day or two. :-)

Yes, I have been writing notes on plot and character, assigning quirky aspects of my personality and those of family and friends to new characters. Lots of fun. My plot is basically autobiographical, and I really can't improve much on it by fictionalizing it, but I am trying!